You can see right here, this shows the newest protoplasm during the heart and you can lo oks such as for example round circles, ya?


You can see right here, this shows the newest protoplasm during the heart and you can lo oks such as for example round circles, ya?

I want to start by a dialogue of one’s innovative look out-of Herr Professor Doktor Tomas Landh, a good biophysicist and you may biography-materials scientist. He’s got cutting-edge an alternate concept according to solid evidence that issues significantly that have current feedback on the cell morph ology, particularly neuronal notice tissue. Latest idea is based on a couple-dimensional varieties of thin microtome sections of structure viewed not as much as optical or indication microscopy, and that states you to “this new cell’s membrane layer is actually a circular double covering of fatty lipi ds which have their liophobic ends up directing inward, and liophyllic16 finishes directing outward with proteins structures within either surface or squeezing from the membrane layer. Show the initial fall. 2nd slip. Doktor Landh is not arguing cell function, however, a great deal more new architectural topology of their real geometry. After evaluating countless blogged fotos inside histology literary works towards the earlier 35 age, he is sure the current view are we ncorrect.

What he did, isn’t explore sign electron microscopy (TEM), but reading electron microscopy (SEM) with really unique deceased-frost solutions to keep real cell morphology instead preparing items. Then he did a statistical topological analysis (MTA) to help you associate theory having findings, and discovered that muscle, far from are round step three-D nothing balls, ya?, was in fact in reality highly complicated step three-D aggregates following the an accurate topological legislation known as Occasional Minimal Body (PMS), maybe not t o feel confused with lady PMS, ya? ( roaring laughs ) I am able to skip the info, but Doktor Landh has postulated the actual telephone morphology and you can cellphone continuum isn’t a random round setup, but an accurate crystalline aggregate regarding cubic-shap ed tissues whoever walls let you know a half a dozen-bend symmetry! Outlines of the Egyptian Rose of Lifestyle balance, perhaps, ya?17 In addition, the latest cytoskeleton otherwise proteins skeleton of your cellphone increases during the a great spiral trend, very similar to DNA/RNA geometry. I wish to feel the n ext five slides, Dr. B. You notice how the cell increases regarding a two-dimensional community so you’re able to a beneficial cubic aggregate for people who pertain the rules away from topology, ya? The thing is that in addition to the repeating development, such a crystal, ya? That it cubic shape is probably influenced from the functional cellu lar requirements, and you will determines the true mobile decisions.

Richard Cytowic, has been evaluating a weird technology labeled as synesthesia, a disorder where you to feel overlaps which have other, like “tasting colours”, “smell colours”, “tasting words”, “perception feelings and you can thinking from inside the brilliant colors”, including intimate sexual climaxes (noisy humor)

Eventually, their past phenomenal finding is that, because a fabric researcher – including the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller – he was really always metal and metalloid microstructure. When he noticed the higher-position SEM’s within low resolution and high angle, the guy noti ced brand new pattern resembled what topic researchers label a good photonic crystal, good lattice construction regarding atoms otherwise molecules that’s responsive to electromagnetic rays, or light, ya? So the guy realised, definitely! Which explains the job out of Herr Doktor Popp regarding Switzerland (18) along with his photon mobile tests. This means that, the new tissues try morphologically created eg a beneficial PMS build you to definitely maximises its body for each unit frequency to own assimilation of energy. They observe, for this reason, one to structure, specifically neuronal cerebral muscle, try crystalline electromagnetic transducers – put differently, they answer white, ya?19 Which explains you will want to merely exodermal (skin) muscle, but deep endodermal tissue use a link, as well as (those in) the brand new pineal gland, are sensitive to white. Doktor Landh’s research contradicts one to, and you will categorically shows exactly how structure are structurally and you can morphologicaly provided in order to act as white transducers, ya? This is the end of your browse. ( status ovation and applause )

The modern vi ew maintains you to definitely white photons do not connect with metabolism

Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thank you, respected colleagues. You are sure that, we would just be a biological black hole! ( significantly more laughter) Now, let me go into the second matter off my personal cam. If only towards bulbs, delight. Many thanks., Dr. B. This subject out of head lookup observar ges almost toward paraphysics, the favourite point of your CCCP colleagues. ( cheers) A shine researcher, Dr. Background concern – how can we do this? ( so much more laughs)


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