Haku offers a short chat to people of the group


Haku offers a short chat to people of the group

The battle is acquired due to the fact Haku revert in order to his individual function and original looks but due to the fact the guy utilized every power out of the Akuruka at the price of his lifetime, to save everything you he keeps precious.

Truth be told there the guy meets that have Oshtor and you will Maroro

Following battle, while the Kuon, Rulutieh, Atuy, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt, Shinonon therefore the other waited to possess Oshtor; only to come across a passing Haku with an excellent severed arm. People were surprised you to Haku put Oshtor’s name once the genuine Standard of your own Best is long dead just before arriving at Ennakamuy. Nekone however considers your since the her sibling despite he met his hope so you’re able to Oshtor; very he requires her to call home and find joy.

Anju still insist your of making the woman front, she however takes into account your just like the Oshtor she knows. She recalls a memories regarding the girl prior mind since the a human that they made a pledge. As he bankrupt their hope to the woman, Anju titled him a great liar because the she target him for what he it’s was, this lady Bro.

Haku ultimately talks to Kuon. Kuon says you to definitely she wasn’t capable share the lady impact to him; Haku currently knew exactly how she believed to have him so he thanks their, the guy indicates that he realized Kuon could deal with their emotions from the advising their that all he’d a whole lot enjoyable actually ever simply because they came across and he simply managed to get it much given that she try thre that have him. Haku smiles from the their when he converts in nudistfriends order to ashes.

A unique Legend Sung [ ]

“Their I really like are calling for myself. Yeah, I will bring it into. The fresh old name regarding Utawarerumono. Title away from Hakuowlo”. -Haku as he gets the latest Onkami Uitsualnemetia before to help save Kuon.

Haku gets upwards in the a place where in fact the flooring feels as though water showing the fresh superstars. A sounds tells him that he is between the arena of the lifestyle additionally the afterlife. Haku recognizes him once the guy the guy fulfilled about Internal Forehead. The latest Onkami asks him if the is ok having him to go out of those people he care for trailing as they are in trouble, Haku admits he fears in their mind but really he is able to would absolutely nothing to assist when he are lifeless.

Initially Haku believed that they will welcome him with the afterlife however they simply remain quiet as their expression tells him to go back towards the living. Oshtor passes your the fresh Onkami Cover-up an approach to come back, at first Haku complains as he involved to acquire an effective break after every one of the travel he produced since he met his obligations in the municipal war and you can defeating Woshis.

The new Onkami alerts Haku throughout the donating brand new cover up when he often take-all their label, power, and you will sins. Haku simply considers it difficulty as he states you to the new Onkami should do an equivalent if the the guy was indeed in his place. For this reason the guy phone calls Hakuowlo true identity due to the fact Onkami, Uitsualnemetia, from the getting in touch with their real version of the latest Onkami appears just before your. And therefore Haku requires the brand new cover-up as he consent to become the latest onkami.

Hakuowlo disappears, satisfied with Haku’s answer. Since the Haku says so long in order to his family members, each other Oshtor and you will Maroro smiles at the him, declare that here is the Haku they are aware. Because the Haku output toward lifestyle, he hears Hakuowlo’s sound inquiring him to store their daughter, Kuon.

As Hakuowlo entry his cover up to Haku so he or she is with ones he cares for, the previous god says to your to keep their daughter simply when he had been going to return to the fresh new lifestyle. At that time Dark Uitsualnemetia (today using Kuon while the their core on account of the girl entering within the rampage and you may dropping control of her vitality by sadness of Haku’s passing) are heading rampage. Hence summoned shades of Kuon’s Nearest and dearest to help you destroy folks.


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