Will Coconut Oil Hurt Our Silicone Adult Sex Toys? So how did this rumor result from?


Will Coconut Oil Hurt Our Silicone Adult Sex Toys? So how did this rumor result from?

п»їWill Coconut Oil Hurt The Silicone Adult Sex Toys?

We don’t understand what its about sex and intercourse add-ons which makes individuals superstitious, but also for whatever reason, logic and proof based methods usually seem to venture out the window whenever we’re talking about carrying it out. Real important advice (e.g. don’t use oil based lubes with condoms, only utilize anal toys with flared bases) will get blended in with inaccurate, unsubstantiated and simply ordinary odd rumors (e.g. masturbation makes your palms hairy, douching with Coca Cola stops pregnancy, coconut oil will destroy your silicone adult sex toys). Really. that last one seems a bit more plausible, if perhaps because there’s a bewildering variety of information regarding lubricants, condoms and toys: oil based lubes can’t be utilized with latex condoms or plastic or latex toys, silicone based lubes are fine with such a thing except other silicone, and so on.

Lately we’ve been hearing that coconut oil also can’t be properly used with silicone toys. Since we make delicious things with natural coconut oil, and because we wholeheartedly accept of (top quality!) adult sex toys generally speaking, this rumor had been highly relevant to our interests. Will it be BS, or otherwise not?

Turns away that yeah… it is kinda BS. The silicone utilized to help make adult toys is, chemically talking, the silicone that is same’s utilized every-where, from hefty industrial components to kitchen implements to particular forms of marriage rings.

It’s a material that is popular it is therefore inert and stable. In the event that you cook, you almost certainly have actually a minumum of one silicone spatula or basting brush somewhere in kitchen area, plus it probably will come in experience of different types of oil on a regular basis. Get check out; unless you, too, have a bad habit of absentmindedly setting your spatulas too close to the burner on the stovetop if it was reasonably well made to begin with, it’s probably just fine. Oops!

In cases where a tool that spends its whole life that is working in grease stands up perfectly well, there’s no reason to think that other “tools” won’t. So how did this rumor originate from? We can’t state for certain, but we suspect it may be because people had been oil that is using lubes with “silicone” toys that weren’t really silicone at all.

Unfortuitously, there’s a wide selection of low priced, weird intercourse add-ons available on the market. Something that feels like silicone might really be a Frankenplastic of some description, and plastic materials (that are made from petrochemicals) don’t go along perfectly with natural natural oils. If you utilize coconut oil on any low priced synthetic gizmo, it’s going to decline with time. (Ever noticed just exactly how rubber spatulas not silicone have a tendency to get floppy and worthless and fall down their handles after a few years? Yeah. )

There’s something to consider whenever silicone that is using with natural natural oils, nevertheless. In the event that doll is certainly caused by silicone but has components that are plastic like cords, remote settings, energy dials etc) be mindful. Extensive connection with oil based lubes may harm the synthetic bits even while the silicone remains perky. A small amount of sex videos milf advance preparation and masking tape goes quite a distance, though, and you pair your toys with Foria’s famous “pre lubes” if you’d rather throw caution to the wind, stick with 100% solid silicone when.

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